Learn to Stand Up Paddle (2): How to Get on a Stand Up Paddle Board, Recovering from Falls

How to launch a Stand Up Paddle Board into the water, getting into a standing position, and recovering from falls in the water while stand up paddling


If you are wondering how to get onto a Stand Up Paddle board without losing your balance and falling into the water, or how to get your stand up paddle board moving in the water, then you've come to the right place.

In part two of our learn to stand-up paddle series, stand up paddle instructor Lilian Tong shares some useful tips on how to get onto a stand-up paddle board - as well as useful recovery steps should you happen to fall into the water!

1. Steps to Launch a Stand-up Paddle Board

a. Strap leash around either ankle

b. Place paddle on top of board with logo facing up

c. Wrap one hand around the handle at the centre of the board

d. Flip board away from you as you lift


2. Getting onto the Stand Up Paddle Board

a. Climb up chest first into a flat position

b. Tuck your knees in one at a time

It's always better to start in a kneeling position first to get a hang of the strokes, and another important tip is to always stand in the middle of the board (where the handlebar is).


Other Useful Tips

a. Don't hold your breath when you paddle, remember to breathe!

b. Look straight ahead and don't look down, it's just like driving

3. Recovering from a Fall

What if you happen to fall into the water? How do you get back onto the board? Here we detail how to get back onto a stand up paddle board in 3 steps.

a. Place handle on board horizontally, and one hand around the handle bar

b. Legs out of the water and push yourself up chest first

c. Bring your legs up onto the board


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About this Project

This learn to stand up paddle series is done in collaboration with Project Ocean Therapy.

Project Ocean Therapy aspires to help individuals with autism hone water sports skills, build self-confidence, develop mindfulness, as well as raise physical, emotional, social and mental wellness.

Officially launched in April 2018 in conjunction with World Autism Month, the programme has since witnessed numerous milestones in the progress of its participants’ abilities.


In partnership with the Sentosa-based SUP club, SUPVentures, the programme is developed in a structured manner that allows participants to gradually advance in their paddling skills and water confidence, which could eventually lead to their involvement in competitive events.

Beyond SUP abilities, the programme also intends to train its participants for employment opportunities.

To learn more, visit www.instagram.com/projectoceantherapy

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