Learn to Kayak: Types of Paddles and Kayaks

From spotting the differences between paddles to choosing the right kayak for your activity, learn more about kayaking for beginners


So you are a beginner looking to equip yourself with a bit more knowledge about the sport of kayaking, but not quite sure where to start.

Fret not because here we share with you the essential steps to take if you are kayaking for the first time. There is also a bonus of understanding the basic equipment used in kayaking, parts of a kayak, and how to choose the right kayak for your kayaking session in four simple steps.

Step 1. Put on Life Vest

- make sure all buckles are buckled up

- straps are fully tightened

- to test if your life vest is good to go, pull your shoulder straps upwards. it should not go beyond your ears, otherwise that means the life vest is too loose

- make sure you have a working whistle


Step 2. Types of Kayak and Kayak Parts

- There are two types of Kayaks, the single seater and double seater

- The front of the kayak is a bit more pointy, and is commonly known as the bow

- The back of the kayak is known as the stern, taken from the phrase "go astern" or "go backwards"


Step 3. Types of Paddles & Paddle Parts

- Angled Blades or non symmetrical blades typically slice forward through the air, thus resulting in less wind resistance, it also makes it easier for you to paddle when it cuts through the water

- The face of the paddles can either be made from plastic or fibre glass

- symmetrical blades can scoop more water, and thus are able to power you forward faster


Step 4. Launching the Kayak into the Water

- Carry the Kayak and place it in the water beside the pontoon

- For double seater kayaks, the person sitting in front will get onto the kayak first leading with the legs

- The second person will hold the kayak steady before taking the back seat

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