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Dream Big: Footballer Danelle Tan Blazes a Path for Future Generations of Singapore Girls in Football

Borussia Dortmund footballer and Landesliga winner Danelle Tan shares how she copes with the demands of living and training overseas, and the secrets of her hydration regime


Having returned from a successful first season with Borussia Dortmund winning the Landesliga, Danelle Tan was all smiles for a recent shoot at The Cage Dempsey for Team 100PLUS.

Our team sat down with her behind the scenes to find out what some of the most defining moments of her young career are and how she keeps up with the rigours and demands of elite football training, and the secrets of her hydration regime.

What's been the biggest challenge so far in your career?

Danelle: In my career? I think there has been a couple, one of them would definitely my MCL injury. I had a training stint at Ajax and then I came back, played in the Challenge Cup Final, tore my MCL so that was quite a low period.


How did you overcome the challenges you faced when you first moved to Germany?

Danelle: I think the biggest challenge was the language. I underestimated how tough it would be with trying to train and live in a country speaking in a different language.

But my teammates have been incredible and I've met some amazing people who have been incredibly helpful along the way.

How does it feel to know you've trailblazed a path for future generations of Singapore girls?

Danelle: I think it's always an honour and it was certainly not the goal I set out to do I mean I think everyone would sort of chart their own paths and so I hope just to be an inspiration for others to also chart their own paths and to dream big.


What was one of the most fulfilling moments of your career?

Danelle: I think choosing to go to Dortmund was very fulfilling because it was an unconventional path, and also because I feel like this first season has gone so well.

To take an unconventional path and then for it to work so well, I think that was very fulfilling.

How has 100PLUS Active helped reduce fatigue and re-energise you in training?

Danelle: I think sometimes in training when it gets tough and you're out of breath and you're just tired, especially with the heat and humidity in Singapore it always feels nice to just grab a cold drink like 100PLUS Active and just chug it down.

And so it's like a fresh wind that hits you, so you're always ready to go again after.


How convenient has the 100PLUS Active Isotonic Powder been for traveling for your matches?

Danelle: I think it's very convenient. I live in Germany, so it's obviously very hard to bring a lot of 100PLUS bottles over and so the powder I think it tastes the same actually.

It's really easy, put cold water, put powder in, five seconds and you're done.

Which part of your training requires the most hydration after?

Danelle: I think when we do like interval sprints, I think that's one of the toughest for me as well, your box to boxes, and so that's when I feel like 100PLUS Active really helps a lot just to give you the extra push especially when everyone is dying on the line.

What is your hydration regime like as an elite competitive footballer?

Danelle: I always try and get a stick of powder before a game to make sure I'm well hydrated before a game, and getting in enough electrolytes so that I won't have cramps or anything like that and then during the game and after the game as well.


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