6 Ways to Set Your Health and Fitness Goals in 2022 with Apple Watch

Planning for your fitness and wellness journey for the new year? Here are some cool tips on how you can do so with Apple Watch


The new year is a time when many start thinking and planning for their new goals, this includes establishing fitness goals and well-being routines.

Whether you are looking to improve in the areas of mindfulness, physical activity or quality of sleep, here are six ways you can do so with Apple Watch Series 7!

1. Ring in the New Year with a limited edition award

Apple Watch users can earn this award and stickers for messages by closing all three rings for seven days in a row starting in January.

This is the perfect way to start the 2022 on the right note!

2. Take a mindful moment easily throughout the day no matter where you are

Now more than ever, people are recognising the importance of finding small moments in their day to be more mindful and the Apple Watch Mindfulness app features two experiences to help take a moment in the day: Breathe and Reflect.

Reflect offers a mindful intention to focus on for as little as one minute that can be done anywhere and at any time. Each session welcomes the user with a unique, thoughtful notion to consider that invites a positive frame of mind.

For example, the user may see something like “Recall a time recently when you felt a sense of calm. Bring that feeling into this moment,” or “Reflect on one thing you’re grateful for and think about why you appreciate it so much.”


Both the Breathe and Reflect experiences also offer tips to help users get more from each session and feature beautiful animations.

Third party apps including Headspace, Calm, Endel, Ten Percent Happier and Meditopia also offer unique mindfulness and relaxation experiences directly from Apple Watch

Where to find it?

a. The Mindfulness app is available on Apple Watch

b. You can browse and download apps directly from the App Store on Apple Watch

3. Set a Focus to help you prioritise what matters most

Focus is a powerful set of tools for those moments when users want to reduce distractions and get in the zone.

Apple Watch users can filter notifications based on what they’re currently doing — like Work Focus can be set during work hours to only allow notifications from coworkers and apps used for work, Personal Focus can be set when taking a break with friends and family, or Fitness Focus can help a user stay in the zone while committing to a workout.

While using a Focus, a status is automatically displayed to contacts in Messages (and other supposed apps, like Slack) so others know you’re not able to be interrupted.


Where to find it:

a. Swipe up on Apple Watch to Control Center > Focus (moon icon) > choose from a provided Focus

b. To create your own custom Focus: Go to Settings on Apple Watch > Focus > tap a focus to customise or add

4. Get active and stay active with Apple Watch

Apple Watch is an incredible fitness parter. The Activity rings in the Activity app show you your daily activity (Move, Exercise and Stand goals) while awards, personalised coaching, and Activity competitions can keep you even more motivated.

Set goals for yourself: Customise activity goals for your Move, Exercise and Stand rings, and earn Activity awards for personal records, streaks and major milestones in your fitness journey. For example, aim for a Perfect Week of standing, moving or exercising, set your New Exercise Record or go for a monthly challenge.

Take on a healthy competition with friends: Turn on Activity Sharing to let your friends or family with Apple Watches keep you on track towards your fitness goals, and challenge them with a one-to-one seven-day Activity Competition.


Track A Mindful Workout: New this Fall, Apple Watch now tracks two popular workout types that are beneficial for both physical fitness and mindful movement: Tai Chi and Pilates. These new workout types are supported by powerful, validated custom-built heart rate and motion algorithms to provide users with accurate metrics.

Where to find it:

a. The Activity app is on Apple Watch

b. The accompanying Fitness app on iPhone shows you your Activity history and trends

c. Go to the Workout app on Apple Watch > Select Pilates or Tai Chi or any other workout type!

5. Get active and earn rewards with LumiHealth

Unlock personalised health & wellness challenges and be rewarded through everyday healthy actions – workouts, mindfulness, healthy eating and more – using LumiHealth app and your Apple Watch.

Personalised Activity Challenges: Track your weekly activity goals and close Activity rings on your Apple Watch to earn LumiPoints.


Wellness Challenges: Take on holistic health challenges like improving your sleep habits, managing stress, and making healthier food choices that all contribute towards earning points too!

Just For You: Receive personalised recommendations and health tips – like health screening and vaccination reminders. You’ll also earn points through completing surveys, reading articles, and completing tailored challenges.

Rewards: Receive coins in return for the points that you’ve earned, and redeem them for HPB eVouchers that can be used at major lifestyle retailers, F&B outlets, and supermarkets.

Where to find it:

a. Head to the App Store and download LumiHealth for free.


6. Help Meet Your Sleep Goals With a Consistent Routine

Getting enough sleep is important to your overall health. The Sleep app on Apple Watch helps you create a schedule and a bedtime routine to help you meet your sleep goals.

Apple Watch also tracks metrics like time asleep, heart rate, blood oxygen and respiratory rate.

a. Set up Sleep: The Health app on iPhone can help you set a sleep goal, and track your progress over time.

b. Wind Down helps you create a customised bedtime routine.

Manage your wind down shortcuts, which appear on your Lock Screen close to bedtime. You can create a routine that includes things like setting up a specific scene in the Home app, listening to a soothing soundscape on Apple Music, or using a favourite meditation app before you fall asleep.

c. View your sleep history next to the rest of your health data in the Health app.

Where to find it:

a. Open the Health app on your iPhone > Tap Get Started under Set Up Sleep, then tap Next > Follow the onscreen prompts to establish: Sleep Goals, Bedtime and Wake Up times, Sleep Screen, Wind Down Shortcuts and Tracking


Apps to Kickstart your Wellness & Fitness journey

Freeletics: Personal Trainer

Download Link: https://apps.apple.com/sg/app/freeletics-personal-trainer/id654810212

Compatible with iOS, iPadOS, watchOS

Whatever your fitness level is, you can achieve your goals quickly and build healthy habits with personalised HIIT workouts and audio coaching from Freeletics. With training journeys, workout variations and mindset coaching, you’ll be able to smash your goals and transform your body wherever, whenever you want. The free version of the app contains 20 HIIT bodyweight workouts, 25 exercises, 20 audio sessions, workout spots and a community of millions.

Meditopia: Sleep, Meditation

Download Link: https://apps.apple.com/sg/app/meditopia-meditation-breathe/id1190294015

Compatible with iOS, macOS, watchOS

Reduce your stress and anxiety everyday by making meditation a habit with just 10 minutes. Meditopia offers over a thousand deep-dive meditations that cover topics from stress, relationships, loneliness, sexuality and more, as well as stories and relaxing sounds to promote good sleep. Build up your mental resilience and enjoy peace of mind while accessing the guidance and tools you need.

I am - Daily Affirmations

Download Link: https://apps.apple.com/sg/app/i-am-daily-affirmations/id874656917

Compatible with iOS, macOS, watchOS

Rewire your thoughts, build self esteem and change negative patterns with daily self-affirmations using I am. With many daily intentions to choose from, you can set reminders to be delivered throughout the day. These positive affirmations aim to help make major shifts in your mindset but also remind you of what you are capable of, empowering yourself by verbally affirming your dreams and ambitions.

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