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4 Sporty Ways to celebrate Singapore National Day 2021

We share tips on creative and healthy ways to help you celebrate this year's National Day

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This year's National Day Parade may have been postponed till 21 August amidst strange and unpredictable times, but there's no denying the hidden patriots that exist in all of us.

So whether you are vibing to this year's catchy National Day tune, or just getting in the spirit of things by putting up your Singapore flag at home, we share 4 sporty ways for you to celebrate what it means to be Singaporean and express your love for Singapore via social media.

And who knows, you just might get lucky and receive a special Decathlon goodie bag with a $10 voucher, shirt, electronic massager and more as a bonus!

1. Celebrate Singapore's Sporting Heroes

Share your well wishes for Team Singapore national athletes competing a the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

It isn't easy to be an elite athlete competing in international competition. Our Team Singapore athletes have sacrificed much of their lives and careers to commit to flying the Singapore flag internationally, and to be part of the world's biggest sporting stage is something not everyone is privileged to be in.

So why not record a short video of yourself showing your support and well wishes for our national athletes competing in Tokyo for the Olympics and Paralympics?

It takes just a few seconds of your time, but it would mean the world to them knowing they have the support of our country behind them.

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2. Share your birthday wishes for Singapore's 56th birthday

We get it. Everyone isn't exactly in buoyant mood at the moment with all the restrictions and Safe Management Measures that have literally put society to a grinding halt.

While we may not exactly be in a party mood this year, Singapore's 56th birthday could still be a meaningful event if we choose to count our blessings.

What we focus on expands, and if we shift our focus towards gratitude and the many things we are blessed with, including being able to call this beautiful island country our home, life does get better!

So why not share what makes you thankful to be a Singaporean and share a Happy 56th birthday message to Singapore on your Facebook or Instagram? It could very well be the tonic and mood lifter not just for yourself, but for others who see it too.

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3. Show off some whacky moves on TikTok in the NDP 2021 Virtual Dance

For the more adventurous and creative among you, why not give this year's NDP 2021 Virtual Dance 'Dance of the Nation' a try?

Based on the Don Richmond remix of this year's National Day Song "The Road Ahead" by Linying and Evan Low, incorporate signature moves of the dance into your recording and have fun with it.

Already trending on TikTok, give this year's GetActive! Dance Workout your very own creative spin, and you might just be lucky enough to walk away with some cool prizes!

4. Getting active and exploring the various trails on GameOn Nila!

If you are not the best of dancers and are shy to give suggestion number three a try, we still have one more idea for you!

This is also arguably the healthiest suggestion of the lot, and it involves walking, trekking or running, a fun activity you can team up with your family members or friends too.

Image credit: Sebastian Cheong Facebook

Simply download the ActiveSG app for iOS or Android and join GameOn! Nila, and complete each of the nature trails by scanning the QR codes at the relevant trails. You can either participate as an individual or form a team to do so.

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