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What is Aerial Yoga and What are its benefits?

Ever wanted to try out Aerial Yoga? Here we talk you through some of the reasons why you should follow through with that plan

Aerial Yoga brings with it many physical and mental health benefits. PHOTO: SPORTPLUS.SG

So you've been doing mat yoga for some time, and you're thinking of switching things up a bit.

You swipe through your social media feed and come across videos and pictures of other members of the yoga fam hanging from the ceiling, twirling around gracefully and you wonder: "maybe I could try that?"

Watch as host Cheryl Tay tries out Aerial Yoga at Trium Fitness in our latest Studio Plus video episode.

The only thing is you're not sure what to expect, how difficult it might be, or if its something that's even worth your time and money.

Join host Cheryl Tay as she makes a visit to Trium Fitness to try her hands on Aerial Yoga with Yoga instructor Dawn Sim.

Dawn Sim showing different exercises that can be done with the Aerial Silk Hammock. PHOTO: SPORTPLUS.SG

What is Aerial Yoga?

One of the most popular misconceptions of Aerial Yoga is that you need to be flexible or acrobatic in order to begin.

Aerial yoga merges the physical poses of yoga, or what are called asanas, with yoga philosophies from the aerial arts.

Researchers believe that having your body suspended in mid-air allows it to open up and move more gently than if it were to do so on the floor.

This is particularly helpful for those who are recovering from injuries or knee issues. The use of silk hammocks and fabrics are also useful in allowing practitioners to form shapes, improving balance.

Cheryl Tay attempting an inversion, commonly practised in Aerial Yoga. PHOTO: SPORTPLUS.SG

Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Not every Aerial Yoga class involves acrobatics. Beginner classes generally are more easily doable, and the use of aerial silks in general have also proven to be therapeutic for many.

Even if you aren't big on acrobatics, you should definitely try and inversion and enjoy the rush that comes after when you get back into an upright position!

Beyond having many physical benefits such as improving range of motion and strengthening of your core muscles, Aerial Yoga also carries with it mental health benefits, and can be a good alternative to consider to your usual yoga classes.

Trium Fitness co-founder and yoga instructor Dawn Sim demonstrates a stretch. PHOTO: SPORTPLUS.SG

To find out more about Aerial Yoga or to pick up Aerial Yoga lessons, visit Trium Fitness at 2 Kallang Ave, Aperia Mall #03-01/02, 339511.

More details are available about the studio on their official website here.

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