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Robi Syianturi and Serena Teoh win ASICS META : Time: Trials as 3,000 Runners Celebrate Victory

ASICS witnesses sell-out event in the second edition of its 10km road race as top regional runners light up the ASICS META : Time : Trials Malaysia Edition

Participants being flagged off at the ASICS META : Time : Trials Malaysia edition. PHOTO: ASICS

21 November 2023, Singapore – A sold-out crowd of 3,000 runners descended upon Persiaran Flora, Cyberjaya Malaysia over the weekend as the second edition of the ASICS META : Time : Trials Malaysia came to a successful conclusion with Indonesia's Robi Syianturi and Singapore's Serena Teoh claiming top spots in the men's and women's 10km invitational categories.

Indonesia' Robi Syianturi won the men's 10km invitational race. PHOTO: ASICS

Open to members of public for the first time this year, the ASICS META : Time : Trials helped to redefine each individual's personal limits - helping elite athletes and regular runners clock their personal best times, and enabling new runners to take on their first 10km road race with an inclusive platform that brought together the Southeast Asian running community, leaving an indelible mark on the running community and showcased an unwavering spirit of achievement and triumph on a difficult race course.

Now in its second year, the ASICS META : Time : Trials Malaysia edition also featured an Open Category that was further broken down into "Speed" and "Cruise" categories, on top of the elite category that was by invitation only for high performance ASICS athletes.

The crème de la crème of runners in this exclusive group showcased unparalleled speed looking to achieve their Personal Best (PBs) were donning the cutting-edge METASPEED™ EDGE+ and METASPEED™ SKY+ shoes during the run.

The vibrant spirit of the ASICS META : Time : Trials did not just begin on Sunday however. Other META : Time : Trials activities included an invitational athletes' photoshoot and an ASICS Shakeout Run on Saturday that involved invited ASICS athletes, brand ambassadors and members of media, who were given a sneak preview of the new NOVABLAST™ 4 shoe.

Other runners present at the event and members of public also had the opportunity to try on the shoes due to be launched globally in December at the official Race Entry Pack Collection at the entrance of IOI Mall, Putrajaya.

ASICS athletes, ambassadors and members of media at the shakeout run. PHOTO: HANIDA HUSSIEN, SPORTPLUS.SG

The much anticipated NOVABLAST™ 4's is a bouncy trainer that has already quickly become one of ASICS’ most popular running shoes. The shoe’s renowned trampoline effect is achieved through FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO cushioning and geometries that create a springy feel underfoot.

Photos from the ASICS META : Time : Trials Shakeout Run featuring the new NOVABLAST™ 4 shoes can be accessed via our photo gallery here.

Speaking after the event, Mr. Yogesh Gandhi, Managing Director of ASICS Asia, shared, “We are thrilled by the tremendous enthusiasm and participation in the META : Time : Trials in Malaysia, which has proven to be truly inspiring. This event has not only united a diverse community of runners but has also encapsulated the essence of determination and the relentless pursuit of greatness."

Singapore's Serena Teoh wins the women's elite invitational 10km category. PHOTO: ASICS

"We are excited to see this event become a cornerstone in Malaysia's running culture, embodying the ASICS principle that keeping a sound mind and sound body leads to triumph, and we eagerly anticipate its expansion to other countries, fostering a global community bound by the shared spirit of achievement."

In the main event on Sunday, Indonesia's Robi Syanturi claimed victory with an outstanding performance in the Men Invitational’s 10km category, clocking 31:20 minutes to narrowly edge out Nepal's Subas Gurung (31:25). Vietnam's Trí Nguyễn Anh from Vietnam (32:46) completed the podium for the men's invitational 10km category, highlighting the competitive spirit of the event.

There was also plenty of cheer for Singapore's Serena Teoh, who won the Women's Invitational’s category, showcasing an exceptional performance to take the women's crown with an impressive time of 38:38. She was followed by Joida Gagnao from the Philippines (39:18) who took runners-up spot and last year's champion Goh Chui Ling from Singapore (39:57) who took third.

Athletes from Singapore in a pre-race photoshoot. PHOTO: HANIDA HUSSIEN, SPORTPLUS.SG

Apart from winners of the invitational category, there were winners for the Open category as well, with all winners of the event walking away with cash prizes, top-notch ASICS gear, cutting-edge Garmin products, and sleek Oakley eyewear.

Medal engravings were offered to race participants. PHOTO: ASICS

ASICS shared that the ASICS META : Time : Trials Malaysia stands as a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to innovation in the running sector and reinforces the brand's position as a pioneer in running, continually providing elite athletes with the ideal platform to unleash their potential.


Crafted with precision for cadence-style runners, the METASPEED™ EDGE+ redefined the art of starting fast and finishing even faster. Meanwhile, the METASPEED™ SKY+ took stride-style runners to new heights on the track, providing an unmatched experience of speed conquest.

These advanced racing shoes not only redefine the limits of speed but also epitomize the innovation that ASICS brings to the running sector, providing elite athletes with a distinct advantage in their pursuit of greatness at events like the ASICS META : Time : Trials Malaysia Edition.

The ASICS META : Time : Trials Malaysia edition was an energetic event, filled with excitement for runners and supporters. PHOTO: ASICS

Men’s Invitational's 10km Results

1. Robi Syanturi (Indonesia) - 31:21

2. Subas Gurung (Nepal) - 31:26

3. Trí Nguyễn Anh (Vietnam) - 32:47

4. Bigyan Limbu (Nepal) - 32:53

5. Vimal A/L Govendarajoo (Malaysia) - 32:59

6. Jeevaneesh Soundararajah (Singapore) - 33:55

7. Arthit Soda (Thailand) - 34:21

8. Nik Fakaruddin Ismail (Malaysia) - 34:25

9. Ahmad Arif Ibrahim (Singapore) - 34:31

10. Muhamad Haziq bin Hamzah (Malaysia) - 35:37

11. Muhaizaar Mohamad (Malaysia) - 35:56

12. Shohib Marican (Singapore) - 35:57

13. Bryce Chong (Singapore) - 37:25

14. Yothin Yaprajan (Thailand) - 38:14

15. Muhammad Shah Feroz Moheden (Singapore) - 39:26

16. Settawut Thanaaeknithiwat (Thailand) - 39:38

17. Luke Chua (Singapore) - 41:45

Women’s Invitational’s 10km Results

1. Serena Teoh (Singapore) - 38:38

2. Joida Gagnao (Philippines) - 39:18

3. Chui Ling Goh (Singapore) - 39:57

4. Michelle Chua (Malaysia) - 40:10

5. Noor Amelia Musa (Malaysia) - 40:30

6. Woraphan Nuanlsri (Thailand) - 42:00

7. Man Yun Yong (Singapore) - 43:12

8. Joline Tan (Malaysia) - 43:33

9. Tahira Najmunisaa Muhammad Zaid (Malaysia) - 45:03

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