Redefining Home Workouts with the Vitruvian Form Trainer

Fitness First Singapore partners Australian fitness start-up to introduce revolutionary V-Form Trainer in Singapore

Image credit: Fitness First Singapore

Working out from home just got a lot more fun, thanks to a sophisticated strength training machine that intelligently adapts to users' fitness levels and capabilities to improve workout efficiency.

Driven by an algorithmic technology and intelligent weight-loading system, Vitruvian's V-Form Trainer is able to learn from users' habits and adapt to their fitness levels, not only making training a lot safer but also helping it progressively train the user with a wide variety of training exercises up to 180kg in resistance.

Image credit: Fitness First Singapore

Measuring 44 by 20 by 5 inches, the carbon fiber platform is both sleek and compact, making it a great at-home workout companion for fitness junkies as it's easy to both store and set-up in your living room or bedroom, without taking up too much space.

The machine also eliminates guesswork for users to reach new fitness goals by tracking every movement and repetitions that are being carried out via the Vitruvian App, which carries up to 200 exercises of coached sessions targeting different muscle groups.

Image credit: Fitness First Singapore

A survey of almost 4,000 fitness enthusiasts in the Asia-Pacific region conducted by Fitness First's parent company Evolution Wellness Group, revealed that participation in virtual workouts have increased from 42 percent pre Covid-19 to 67 percent and 52 percent during and after periods of heightened restrictions. 600 of those respondents came from Singapore

This suggests that hybrid fitness is here to stay, and that home workouts will continue to be a regular feature in post-pandemic life.

Image credit: Fitness First Singapore

"The connected fitness segment is among the fastest growing segments on the global fitness scene, and the V-Form Trainer comes at a time where the pandemic has changed the way people think about their health and fitness," said Anil Chugani, Managing Director, Fitness First Singapore.

While the re-opening of gyms and fitness studios has seen 37 percent of respondents turning back to offline workouts immediately - including gyms and outdoor activities, data from the survey shows that the remaining respondents shared that they will head back to the gym between one week to six months.

The V-Form Trainer is officially launched in Singapore on Wednesday, 30 June 2021, and those curious about the workout platform can try it out at any of the Fitness First clubs at Bugis Junction, Market Street, One Raffles Quay, Paragon, Fusionopolis, and Westgate, as well as at its luxury outlet, Gravity Club.

The free trial experience is available to all members of the public, with registration on Fitness First's website needed for all users prior to the trial.

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