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Master the Table Tennis serve, forehand top spin and forehand back spin

Table Tennis tips from Singapore national paddler Clarence Chew

File Photo: SportPlus.SG

Whether you are a competitive table tennis athlete or just a leisure player looking to level up your game the next time you round up your friends for a game of ping pong, here are some useful tips from Singapore's first local born table tennis Olympian!

Table Tennis Serve

The main parts of table tennis play would be service. So in order not to lose out on unnecessary points, it would be essential to understand the rules of table tennis service.

1. Firstly the ball has to be placed flat on the palm of your hand.

2. Next is the ball has to be tossed at least 16cm, so as not to receive a fault service.

File Photo: SportPlus.SG

This is to ensure that no player hides his or her contact point, to create an unfair advantage.

The other major part of table tennis is the spin, and in order to ensure top quality shots, table tennis athletes often need to make necessary adjustments in terms of shiftig their bodies, angle of contact between the ball and the paddle, as well as using their body for a greater transfer of power.

Forehand Top Spin

1. Angle your racket over the ball, as the ball rotates forward

2. Swing your racket arm forward from behind,

3. To generate greater power in your shot, rotate your hips

File Photo: SportPlus.SG

It is important to note that you should avoid just swinging your arms for your forehand top spin strokes as that is a common beginner mistake, and it may actually lead to injuries if done over prolonged periods of time.

Forehand Back Spin

1. For the back spin, angle your racket slightly underneath the ball

2. This causes the ball to rotate in the reverse direction

3. Follow through with a chopping action at a good contact point


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