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Choo Ling Er, Arthur Tong and Elaine Young named as Ambassadors of Bintan Triathlon by TriFactor

Asia's popular Triathlon festival experience to make its first return since 2019, to be organised by TriFactor

Newly minted Bintan Triathlon by TriFactor ambassadors. (From L-R) Arthur Tong, Elaine Young, Choo Ling Er. PHOTO: HANIDA HUSSEIN, SPORTPLUS.SG

Singapore, 23 May 2023 - Triathletes Choo Ling Er, Arthur Tong and Elaine Young were today unveiled as brand ambassadors of the 2023 Bintan Triathlon by TriFactor.

The popular Asian triathlon festival, held on the beautiful island of Bintan, last look place in 2019 before the Covid-19 pandemic and is slated to make its return on 21 October this year after a three-year hiatus.

Branded as the ultimate combination of sport and fun, Bintan Triathlon by TriFactor has been known by participants and fans as a triathlon festival experience unlike any other, while Bintan island itself has been a hugely popular spot for triathletes and triathlon clubs to hold their training camps.

Signing ceremony of the Bintan Triathlon by TriFactor ambassadors. (From L-R) Elaine Young, Arthur Tong, Choo Ling Er. PHOTO: HANIDA HUSSEIN, SPORTPLUS.SG

Speaking at a media conference at Harbourfront Towers this afternoon, Mr Abdul Wahab, Group Manager, PT Bintan Resort Cakrawala, shared that it is his hope that mass participation sporting events such as the Bintan Triathlon can spark a revival in tourism.

"We want people to enjoy both tourism and do their sport at the same time. Bintan has always been the ideal spot for sports tourism, having been gazetted by the Indonesian government for the past decade to do so. We have always been known for sports tourism," he said.


"So if you ask what are we aiming for in the 2023 Bintan Triathlon by TriFactor, we want both. We want mass participants to come here and enjoy their sports with their families and their communities. Secondly, we want to cater to a wider demographic of people - not just to elite athletes but even the young and old who are entry level to enjoy sport and an active lifestyle."

He added, "The team here has worked hard over the past 20 years to put Bintan on the world map as a sports tourism destination, and it is our hope that as part of this revival effort, we can put it back where it belongs for the next 20 years."

Bintan Triathlon by TriFactor ambassador Elaine Young. PHOTO: HANIDA HUSSEIN, SPORTPLUS.SG

Elving Ting, Managing Director of Orange Room and Co-founder of TriFactor said: "When we founded TriFactor in 2009, our objective was to get people into swim, cycle and running and triathlon - where it becomes a destination sport. Over the past 14 years, we have organised over 100 races in 9 different countries."

"Today we have the privilege of working with various groups and communities across the region, and for this particular event in Bintan we hope that as a partner we will be able to bring more communities together to race and elevate the right standards of racing and motivate the entry level group of people who wish to get into the sport," he said.

Bintan Triathlon by TriFactor ambassador Arthur Tong. PHOTO: HANIDA HUSSEIN, SPORTPLUS.SG

Newly unveiled brand ambassadors of Bintan Triathlon by TriFactor

When asked what she loved about Bintan island in particular, Elaine Young, female winner of the 2022 IRONMAN 70.3 Desaru Coast and runner-up of the recently concluded 2023 OSIM Sundown Marathon said: "I have loved Bintan as a training location, because of its great hospitality but also all the things in Bintan that make it so conducive for training."

"The waters are so beautiful, in Singapore it's hard to find such clear blue waters. For cycling as everyone has mentioned, it's nice terrain with open roads and no traffic lights. I love getting a really solid workout in, and for the race itself it is just obviously very wonderful."

Her husband Arthur Tong, also a Bintan Triathlon ambassador , echoed the sentiment saying, "We hope to bring athletes and groups to Bintan even weeks and months before the event (Bintan Triathlon) to showcase what Bintan can offer, so that they can ramp up their trainings in that venue for Bintan Triathlon and even for all the other races they are participating in."

Bintan Triathlon by TriFactor ambassador Choo Ling Er. PHOTO: HANIDA HUSSEIN, SPORTPLUS.SG

Choo Ling Er, winner of this year's IRONMAN 70.3 Desaru Coast and the 2022 IRONMAN 70.3 Langkawi, hopes to use her role as a Bintan Triathlon ambassador to inspire more women to take up the sport of triathlon and to keep believing in themselves no matter what they set their mind to.

Said Choo: "It has given me a bigger voice and bigger platform to spread out to all the other ladies here. That our lives doesn't stop after having a kid. We can do so much. Me and Elaine are parents during the Covid period, and we are both still racing. Bintan Triathlon would be a great start for everyone, especially for ladies who started triathlons during Covid or picked up cycling."

Partners and organiser of the 2023 Bintan Triathlon by TriFactor. PHOTO: HANIDA HUSSEIN, SPORTPLUS.SG

"Triathlon is my life. It has shown me so much, both the good and the bad times. I have met so many good people through this sport and it has inspired me to do more."

More details about the 2023 Bintan Triathlon by TriFactor will be released in due course. Stay tuned to for more updates about the event.


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