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OCBC Cycle 2022 Speedway Championships: In-person cycling returns after two-year hiatus

Women's category makes debut at OCBC Cycle Speedway Championships, as Allied World Racing, Singapore Cycling Federation and NDS were crowned champions of their respective categories

Duo from All-Women's team NDS cross the finishing line at the inaugural OCBC Cycle Women's Speedway Championship. PHOTO: OCBC CYCLE

7 May 2022, Singapore - The OCBC Cycle Speedway Championships returned to the Singapore Sports Hub this weekend for an action-packed day of racing, after a two-year hiatus during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The event saw a total of 24 teams participating in three categories: the Club, Corporate and Women’s Championships.

This year’s Speedway Championships also marked the debut of the Women’s Championship, which was originally set for 2020 but delayed due to the pandemic.

Allied World Racing, Singapore Cycling Federation and NDS were crowned the winners in their respective Speedway Championship categories.

The OCBC Cycle Speedway Championships’ race format features teams of four riders, split into two pairs, riding a total of 10 laps around the one-kilometre Stadium Drive circuit. Two cyclists rode the first five laps before handing over to their teammates for the remaining five laps. The times of all four riders were then averaged for the winning time.

Allied World Racing cruised to their first to their first ever Speedway Club Championship in the first final of the day. PHOTO: OCBC CYCLE

Club Championships: Allied World Racing snatch first ever victory

Allied World Racing cruised to their first-ever Speedway Club Championship in the first final of the day.

The return of the OCBC Cycle Speedway Championships began with the Club Championship, which started the day’s events at 6:30am. The race saw an exhilirating finish, as Allied World Racing cruised to a convincing victory against second-placed ANZA Racing.

Allied World Racing clocked a time of 18:44.107, with ANZA Racing coming in with a timing of 18:49.347, and 2nd runners up clocking a time of 18:50.363.

Things get heated up in the Club Championships as competitors start to make their move in the fourth lap. PHOTO: SPORTPLUS.SG

Jay Bridge, member of Allied World Racing said, “Winning by yourself is a good feeling, but winning with your team is an even better feeling. We really enjoy being involved in such a high level competition, with an even greater level of respect amongst competitors.”

Reuben Bakker, captain of Allied World Racing added, “It’s brilliant to be back and happy to be a part of competitive in-person events like OCBC Cycle. The race presents a unique opportunity to see the community out in force for a morning of hard riding. We are looking forward to the race calendar for 2022 and beyond.”

The team from Singapore Cycling Federation took top spot in the hotly contested corporate category of this year's Speedway Championship. PHOTO: OCBC CYCLE

Corporate Championships: First time’s a charm for Singapore Cycling Federation

The second category to the line was the Corporate Championships, which included teams from organisations such as GSK, the Singapore Civil Defence Force, OCBC Bank and eventual winners, the Singapore Cycling Federation (SCF).

The SCF team clinched the win from second-placed OCBC Bank. The newly-formed SCF team put on a commanding performance, clocking a time of 19:56.607.

Co-captain of the winning team, Ang Kee Meng, said, “We didn’t expect to win and actually came into this as the underdogs. So we’re really happy with the result especially since we didn’t manage to train on the route. Ultimately, our team strategy worked out and we can’t wait to celebrate after having a good night’s rest today first!”

The team from OCBC Bank finished in second place with a time of 20:00.883.

Shimano took third place with a finishing time of 20:01.547.

Trophies for top three finishers of each Speedway Championship category on display. PHOTO: SPORTPLUS.SG

Women's Championships: Maiden win for NDS