Learn the straight punch technique in Pencak Silat

Singapore Silat exponents Nurul Suhaila and Sheik Ferdous teach basic combat techniques for the sport of Pencak Silat


There is nothing like equiping yourself with some self defence techniques, and basic training for self defense becomes a lot easier once you understand the basics to martial arts.

In Pencak Silat, there are various types of punch techniques: from the straight punch, to the uppercut, and palm strike.

Nurul Suhaila and Sheik Ferdous of Team Singapore demonstrate combat techniques in Silat.

For the purpose of easy demonstration, we will share be sharing about the straight punch, found across many martial arts disciplines.

Step 1: Lock your wrists and clench your fists, locking your thumbs under your four fingers. Point of contact is at the knuckles

Step 2: Twist your punch as more power is generated

Step 3: Have your legs shaped like an "L", so that you are able to generate greater power by twisting your hips


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