Kicking technique for beginners in Pencak Silat

Nurul Suhaila and Sheik Ferdous talk us through combat techniques used in Pencak Silat


There may be many variations of kicks in Pencak Silat, but knowing how to execute the kicking technique correctly for beginners is absolutely essential.

In fact, to get the best possible results, it is recommended that most Pencak Silat kicking techniques use the knee-leg-axel method, which is usually followed by a rotation from the hips for added explosiveness.

Nurul Suhaila and Sheik Ferdous of Team Singapore demonstrate combat techniques in Silat.

To better help you visualise, you can follow the steps here or the watch the short video clip above provided.

Step 1: Have your feet form the shape of an "L"

Step 2: Twist your standing foot outwards as your kicking foot goes up

Step 3: Bring your kicking leg up, bending your knee first

Step 4: With your hips generating power, follow through with your kicking leg

Do bear in mind that the point of contact should be just below the shin and above the ankle joint. One of the most common mistakes for beginners is kicking with the top of the metarsal, as if kicking a football.


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