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Guiding mums on their fitness journeys after pregnancy: Nevena Appleton

She may be an expat but has fast become a local favourite - this personal trainer started to coach fellow mums on their fitness journeys after having a baby


For many mums, finding the time to exercise postpartum whilst managing #momguilt and many other physical and emotional changes at the same time can be a real struggle. Wanting to play her part and help the mum community, fellow mum and personal trainer, Nevena Appleton, founded

Nevena has lived in Singapore for 5 years with her husband and daughter, Siena. Though balancing life as a mum and running her own business is challenging, Nevena is fueled by the positive feedback she receives from her clients.


“Everytime I get positive feedback, I feel so happy that I am doing something special. My daughter is my inspiration as well. Motherhood changes everything and I want to be a good example for her and to teach her to be fit and healthy.”

Offering both online and physical classes, strives to provide convenient options that would allow mums to ease into a comfortable and suitable exercise routine after birth. Nevena also posts regular content on Instagram, sharing postpartum workout and recovery tips, and raising awareness about common postpartum conditions.


“I feel that mums do not get enough attention as their babies will always come first. I felt down after pregnancy and working out helped me alot. I wanted to share my knowledge and experience to help other mums out by being their personal trainer or just by motivating them on Instagram”, she shared.

Besides working around her clients’ schedules, Nevena believes that her clients who are mums choose her mostly because she understands them and knows what it’s like.

“Working with a postpartum trainer is a personal preference. I believe that I am supportive, motivating and understanding. I am proud of every mum that is or was my client, because I know how hard it can be to find the time to exercise when you have a little one.”


As determined as mums may be for their bodies to “bounce back” after pregnancy, it is also important to remember and appreciate how much the body went through and to recover well.

Nevena believes that in postpartum fitness and recovery, a slow start is key to success.


“There shouldn’t be any pressure.”

“Postpartum is a beautiful journey that you should use to bond with your baby, exercising comes after that. Being a mum myself I can tell you that everything is possible and your postpartum body could be the best body you have ever had.”

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