Amir Khan physically, mentally and spiritually at One with Himself: ONE X Preview

Singaporean MMA star ready to make his comeback to the Cage at ONE X after being sidelined by physical and personal setbacks

Amir Khan is ready to make his comeback at ONE X. PHOTO: JOHN YEONG, SPORTPLUS.SG

Having lost his father and number one supporter to brain cancer in late 2020, Singapore MMA pro fighter Amir Khan's woes were compounded when he tore his ligament just half a year later during grappling practise, an injury which saw him sidelined for 8 months.

A fighter in every sense, even then Khan chose to turn his misfortunes into opportunity, using that down time to embark on a personal journey to figure out who he really was and is now returning with a renewed sense of purpose.

Rebuilding His Reputation

Having fully healed and grown wiser, Khan says he is now "integrated physically, mentally and spiritually", and is ready to bring his A-game to ONE's highly anticipated MMA event of the year on 26 March 2022, ONE X, to rebuild his reputation as the martial arts championship's top knockout artist.

With a new found drive and hunger to win, the 27 year-old is fully focused on the task at hand, choosing not to look any further than next Saturday's Lead Card Featherweight bout against Shooto Pacific Rim Featherweight Champion Ryogo Takahashi.

Amir Khan training at EVOLVE MMA gym ahead of the ONE X event on 26 March 2022 PHOTO: JOHN YEONG, SPORTPLUS.SG

Said Khan: "I did lay out plans for 2022, but my first match is Takahashi, the rest will come later."

"In order for me to reach my long term goals, I need to execute the short term ones first so if you ask me right now, I am only focused on next Saturday," said Khan.

Sharing with how he has done plenty of reflection over a tough two years away from the spotlight, Khan insists he has never been in a healthier position to make a comeback.

The Singaporean Muay Thai champion added that he is currently at one with himself, which will translate really well going into the cage as martial arts requires one to be able to fully express oneself, and the series of events have served him well.

Amir Khan training at EVOLVE MMA gym ahead of the ONE X event on 26 March 2022 PHOTO: JOHN YEONG, SPORTPLUS.SG

"I know my father is watching down on me, he wants me to get stronger through this injury," Khan said.

"He always wants me to figure things out, and right now I don't have his hand to hold me so I took this opportunity and went on my journey. I'm feeling confident and looking forward to next Saturday."

Watch Amir Khan make his comeback against Japanese opponent Ryogo Takahashi, in the Lead Card Featherweight bout of ONE's tenth anniversary event, ONE X.

The event will take place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Saturday, 26 March, with the audience getting to experience 18 fights in one night.

Tickets for ONE Championship: ONE X are available here.

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