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ActiveSG Cup 2022: Top Singapore athletes come together to promote youth football 4v4 tournament

In line with Phase 2 of Singapore’s GOAL 2034 target, ActiveSG Cup is a tournament looking to groom youths to play a Singaporean brand of high-tempo, possession-based football


National hurdler Kerstin Ong, 24, never kicked a football in her life.

Trading her track spikes for football cleats, she joined female pencak silat exponent Nurul Suhaila, triathlete Cheryl Tay, women’s national football captain Ernie Sulastri, as well as men’s footballers Hassan Sunny and Anders Aplin in a promotional video shoot for the ActiveSG Cup Football 4v4 Tournament on 30th January.

“I had a lot of fun playing with actual footballers. They were very patient with me, and I think we did well as a team,” Kerstin said.

The athletes were split into two equal groups and played a series of football-related mini games including a modified penalty shootout challenge.


The full episode will be made available on SportPlus.SG's new video and podcast entertainment platform, Studio Plus, in the coming weeks.

Starting from 12 February, the ActiveSG Cup Football Competition will comprise a total of seven age groups from 13 to 19 – with five categories for boys and two for girls.


The format will be four versus four, with two substitutes per team allowed. Participants can pick from five geographical zones (North, Central, Northeast, East, West) to compete in.

Local sports event organisers Dare To Dream Enterprises (D2D Sports), popular organisers of amateur football and futsal leagues since 2007, are hosting the East Zone tournament, with excitement brimming within the camp ahead of the first non-professional sanctioned football competition since 2019.

"Two years is a long time, and we are pleased to be part of the Bring Sport Back initiative. Football has always been the most popular team sport in Singapore, and we can't wait for it to be back on a regular basis for the masses."

In line with Phase 2 of Singapore’s GOAL 2034 target, the tournament aims to groom youths to play a Singaporean brand of ‘high-tempo, possession-based’ football in hopes of qualifying for the 2034 World Cup.


As part of one of the eight-pillar strategies – to increase football participation among youths in the country – the ActiveSG Cup also intends to promote inclusive growth for males and females alike.

Women’s national football captain Ernie Sulastri, 33, said the tournament is a good starting point for youths to be exposed to competitive football.

“At least they will now have motivation to train in their academies or schools, and they can work harder to play in their respective teams,” said the veteran with 40 international caps.

Men’s national football custodian Hassan Sunny, 37, echoed her views in cultivating a competitive spirit from a young age.

“I think our youths need more games, more competitions. The more games they play the more they will experience different game situations,” said Hassan.

“When I was young, I played many youth level tournaments where I really saw myself improve. That can only be done if ActiveSG organizes more tournaments like these,” he added.

Sign-ups for the tournament has been extended to February 7th. Interested youth participants and teams can sign up for the East Zone via this link here!

There is also a chance to win a pair of football boots of your choice worth $300 when you take part in the ActiveSG Cup2022 x D2D Sports giveaway on Instagram here, while FootLocker vouchers of up to $500 are up for grabs for participants.

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