3 Netball Drills To Improve Your Reaction Time

Easy Netball drills you can do with just two players, without needing a team

File Photo: SportPlus.SG

While we are not able to return to full sided team games, there are still various drills that you could try out with your friends as part of your regime to stay fit during this time.

Here are three Netball Drills used by National Netballers Miki Ng and Sindhu Nair that can be easily done with just a ball.

Miki Ng demonstrates the "Anywhere Ball" drill used by Netballers to improve reaction time. Full feature is available on Singtel TV mio Sports and 1 Play Sports.

1. Anywhere Ball

With the objective of testing one's reaction time, the "Anywhere Ball" sees the thrower release the ball literally anywhere - it could be a high or a low ball, it could be near you or a little further away.

However it is thrown, the person doing the drill will need to catch the ball at the earliest instance and throw it back to the thrower before making the next run.

File Photo: SportPlus.SG

2. Angled Drives Movement Drill

Starting directly in front of the thrower, the person doing the drill will need to drive 45 degrees outwards to receive the ball.

After which she will need to return back to the start line and drive straight forward to the thrower to receive the second pass before running back to the start and proceeding with the second 45 degree angled drive outwards.

3. In Front - Behind Netball Drill

Usually used by shooters, the person doing the drill will need to come near to the thrower first to receive the first pass and returning it, before running deep to receive the second (high) pass from the thrower and returning it as well.

To continue the drill for as long as necessarily to achieve the objective.

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