Singapore Netballers focus on returning to basics as competitions remain suspended

Team Singapore netballers Miki Ng and Sindhu Nair share their experiences training through the Coronavirus Pandemic

File Photo: SportPlus.SG

Over the past year, the Coronavirus Pandemic has almost put a total stop to all team sports activities, from elite level through to social warriors.

Just how are Team Singapore's netballers coping with training through this period, not knowing when their next competition is going to resume? We ask Sindhu Nair and Miki Ng.

Sindhu Nair and Miki Ng recall their favourite moments representing Singapore before Covid-19 hit. Full feature is available on Singtel TV mio Sports channel and 1 Play Sports.

What has been your favourite moment in representing singapore so far?

Miki: I think that would have to be the Asian Youth Championships in 2019, there was this one game where we came up against a very strong opponent that was a do or die match.

That was the game I saw the team come together and play as one, and it showed me how a team can come together and achieve so much together.

File Photo: SportPlus.SG

Sindhu: My most memorable Netball experience would be Nations Cup 2019. It that competition we played against a lot of difficult opponents but we managed to clinch second place.

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on team sports - how has that impacted you as a Netball athlete over the past year?

Miki: Netball was in the middle of a competition, and it had to be cancelled. International players had to be flown back because we weren't sure when airlines would be closed. After that there was a lot of uncertainty, and we had to adapt.

We were allowed to come back for trainings after circuit breaker, but we had restrictions on number of players - so we had to focus a lot more on fundamentals and basics. But I guess it also helped a lot of us see Netball in a different light.

File Photo: SportPlus.SG

Sindhu: It has been very difficult for us, the last international competition we had was in 2019. During competition you are focusing a lot more on game play, so at this juncture, I am focusing more on improving my fitness, improving my strength so that I can be a better athlete for when competitions resume.

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