Badminton: Master the smashing technique in a Badminton Doubles match

Badminton Tips with Singapore Badminton Athletes Jin Yujia and Crystal Wong


Watchin elite badminton athletes leap up high in the air with their backs arched, ready to pull the trigger is very often a sight to behold for sports fans. But just what does a proper smash technique involve, and when should it be used?

We find out from Singapore national badminton shuttlers Crystal Wong and Jin Yujia.

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Attacking the opponent is a key aspect of the doubles game in badminton, hence knowing how to smash the right way is important!

In order to win the point, you have to attack the opponent. First of all you need to get into position with a solid forehand grip on your racket.


Use your non racket arm to help you gain greater elevation in your jump. After you've kept these in mind, the key tips to executing a good smash are as follows:

1. Keep your racket face to the front

Often, misdirected shots do not come from your swing but where your racket face is pointing

2. Use the 1-2-3 technique

With 1 being your ready position, 2 being your racket arm extended, and 3 being point of contact with the shuttle


3. Generate power from the hips and follow through

Powerful smashes do not come from just the arms, rather it's knowing how to generate power through your entire body with your hips as the key pivoting point


4. Remember to take the shuttle from the top

In order to get the shuttle onto a downward trajectory, you need to take the shuttle from the top of its flightpath and not when it's dropped too low

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