Joy, Lightness and Serenity: Angeline Chia the Yogi and Digital Painter

Adaptable Yoga Instructor juggles her time between teaching yoga classes and her new role as a Product and Graphic Designer


Her journey to becoming a yoga instructor was delayed for three years owing to life-changing moments that saw the birth of her son, and a grueling period in which her husband battled with stage 3 nose cancer.

That did not stop Angeline Chia, teaching at Yoga Movement since 2018, from embracing the yogi life and stepping through new doors that life has opened for her along the way.

In spite of a tumultuous 18 months that saw a global pandemic wreak havoc and destroy local businesses in the fitness and yoga industry, the talented mother of one admits that her love for teaching yoga makes it quite impossible for her to give it up entirely.


Unlike many other practitioners however, Chia's first taste of yoga did not happen in a studio, but came from a rather unlikely source.

"I first tried yoga in 2012 in my bedroom following YouTube videos. It was an attempt to create headspace when life was challenging and that body-breath connection was all it took to quieten the mind chatter," she said.

And what of the challenges she faced on her path to becoming a yoga instructor?

"Like many others who want to walk a different path, the obstacles were mainly self-created. We don't think we have what it takes, and the narration that there are too many unknown factors after spending many years in a stable office environment made me doubt my own ability to adapt to changes," she added.


Her ability to adapt was put to the test over the past year, yet it was from the unexpected source of her personal hobby that saw her discover a new lease of life.

She made good use of her time during the 2020 Circuit Breaker to create art and got back in touch with her hobby of drawing.

Little did she know that after two and a half years of being a full-time yoga instructor, an opportunity would present itself for her to become a Product and Graphic Designer, after her friend stumbled upon her art work.


"I used to draw leisurely when I was much younger but I did not have any formal education. I got myself an iPad and began to draw a lot more during the circuit breaker in 2020," she recalled.

"Friends commissioned me to draw couple and family portraits and I enjoyed all the time I spent creating art. This led me to eventually give my art a brand @LilTeddyStudio, which is named after my son."

Describing it as "crazy", Chia has learned to embrace the idea of a world where it is actually possible to not have a full-time job, and instead have multiple streams of income, doing what she loves. She trusts that the universe will provide and life will flow smoothly, if she aligns herself towards what feels right for her.


Apart from digital painting on her iPad, she also explored traditional mediums such as water colour, gouache, and colour pencils.

While she doesn't draw as many portraits now, Chia likes to turn her focus more towards art that helps to express or invoke feelings of joy, lightness and serenity; very much like how she likes her yoga, but in visual form.

As a mother of a young child, she is grateful that life has been kind to her, and she's thankful for the support her community has provided.

She shared: "I personally feel that the management team at Yoga Movement (YM) has given us support to the best of their abilities. Is this the right time to mention that I am 100% a homebody?"


"Staying home is a walk in the park for me. But that is also because I have the privilege of having a comfortable shelter above my head. For that, I am so grateful."

She continues to draw inspiration from anyone who is aware of their purpose, and who aligns their actions to their intentions, whether or not they practise yoga.

It has given her the courage to walk her own path, and empowered her to know that all we have to do is to simply be ourselves.

You can catch her classes at Yoga Movement, either online or in studio, or check out her beautiful artworks on @LilTeddyStudio.

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