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adidas Supernova Running Shoe Review: Running Shoes 2021

Team Singapore sprinter Lim Yao Peng helps SportPlus review adidas latest iteration of the adidas Supernova

Photo: Fuad Idris / SportPlus.SG

adidas recently brought back the Supernova in new colourways, and here at SportPlus.SG we were fortunate to receive a pair for review.

Known as the pair of running trainers that offer good midfoot support, and an extra bounce to make you feel like you are running lighter, the adidas Supernova is suitable for runners who are looking to kickstart or even restart their fitness journey, and is designed with comfort as its key.

Helping us assess the these shoes is former Team Singapore national sprinter and SEA Games athlete Lim Yao Peng, who is also a coach at MaxForm and the co-founder of boutique gym Grityard.

Photo: Fuad Idris / SportPlus.SG

1. How is the overall fit of the shoes?

Would grade this as an all purpose shoe. From long standing hours during coaching, to speed training and general distance running. Toebox is wide enough for one with a wide fit, thus keeping the feet comfortable throughout the day. It suits all of the needs as intended.

2. The Supernova is supposed to be an everyday shoe for jogging, interval work and sprinting. What are your personal thoughts on the shoes?

The "flatness" of the sole gives a good "grounded" feel as I did my drills and sprints. That's an important factor as a sprinter as I want to feel stable with every pound on the ground. It also has good traction, which adds on to the points mentioned above. With the lack of carbon fibre or those sort of tech built in this shoe, it definitely loses out on that extra boost per stride. Nevertheless, doing a 5km and interval run was still a breeze.

Photo: Fuad Idris / SportPlus.SG

3. The shoe is meant to cushion the landing for heel strikers (runners who land on their heels). Not sure if you managed to do some jogging in the shoes - did you notice more cushioning around the heel area?

I don't land on my heel, therefore I didn't feel the effect of it.

4. How spacious is the Toebox area? Does it pinch on your toes?

Great space for my feet! Could use it the whole day for different purposes.

5. How would you rank this compared to other shoes you have worn for your runs when it comes to traction?

This would be one of the grippy-iest shoes I've worn. It gives me the confidence to apply force even on a wet track.

6. Understand that sprinting is very different from regular running, what would you look out more for shoes that are meant for speedwork?

I usually prefer racers for my speedwork as it allows me to feel the ground. I've recently used a couple of carbon fibre plated shoes that are meant for distance running.

While they are comfortable and have great energy return, however, the excessive stack height of the shoe changes that feel. In short, if I were to do a speed session, I would go for the Supernova over the others as I like to feel the ground.

Photo: Fuad Idris / SportPlus.SG

7. Some shoes have low stack height in the forefoot for more advanced runners, so they can feel the ground more.

This shoe has a low stack height (in my opinion), thus more suitable for speedwork and even some form of gym work as it's flatter and more stable if one prefers to use it.

8. Have you studied your running gait before? Do you tend to pronate or supinate more?

I tend to pronate more for sure due to partial flat feet. But I didn't analyse visually with this shoe. Mainly based on feels.

However, I didn't feel that I was over pronating because of it's flatten or in other words, less assistance to toe-off due to the lower stack height.

Having done speed, intervals and distance running with it, I feel it's enough for all needs. Can't speak for anything that's more than 5km.

9. Overall thoughts on the shoe? How did you enjoy your run?

As an entry level shoe, I would say it's a great pair. Comparing this apple to apple.

The adidas Supernova is priced at S$150, and its design includes features such as:

• A Highly comfortable BOOST&BOUNCE Midsole - The perfect combination of BOOST, adidas' most responsive cushioning ever; and BOUNCE, a great lightweight and highly durable elastic foam.

• Lightweight Engineered Mesh Upper - Specially designed to increase breathability, flexibility, and support for seamless movement.

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