Pedaling towards a greener future: Arshad Jameel

Combining his love for nature with his passion for the environment, this cyclist is making a difference with each pedal stroke


To reduce his carbon footprint, Mr Arshad Jameel started cycling to work daily in 2021.

“I work in the DHL Supply Chain, and we are constantly looking to take a more sustainable and green approach. To understand this, I read up on carbon emissions and learned about its harmful effects on the environment. I wanted to make a difference, and that is when I started cycling to work.”

Beyond the benefits to the environment, cycling daily has impacted Mr Arshad personally in more ways than one.


Mental health and physical well-being

Cycling daily has enabled Mr Arshad to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle and has at the same time helped his mental health.

“I am investing the same amount of time that it would take for me to travel by bus, which I spend looking at my phone, to do some physical activity instead.”

“Many of us are consumed by social media and screens these days. I feel that this is affecting our lives and our health in many ways. Cycling engages my mind to be active, to focus and to be aware of my surroundings.”


Through his cycling routine, Mr Arshad has become more disciplined in planning out his day. This way he is not rushing for time or stressing himself out because he might be late for work.

“I have to listen to my body, making sure that I have enough rest and a proper diet. I have discovered that it is important to have a healthy routine to follow everyday.”

Mr Arshad rides early in the morning to avoid rush hour and uses the Park Connector Network (PCN) for his commutes back home as much as possible.



He now has time to appreciate and interact with nature which he would otherwise miss out on if he travelled on public transport.

“Even though we live in a garden city, we don’t have a lot of quality time to enjoy the nature around us.”

“Since I started cycling, I’ve had the opportunity to ride through the various park connectors. I enjoy listening to the early morning birds humming. The calmness of the dawn and the fresh air gives you natural feelings of being alive.”

Some of Mr Arshad’s favourite routes include the Coast-to-Coast Trail and the newly developed Round Island Route. As a nature lover, he has observed how the park connectors in Singapore have their own charming traits and are beautifully decorated with nature. This was also why Mr Arshad felt that the OCBC Cycle Virtual Ride suited him perfectly.


OCBC Cycle Virtual Ride

“Apart from being able to track my rides during my commutes to work, the virtual ride also allowed me the convenience to explore the routes that I enjoyed the most.”

Mr Arshad first participated in the OCBC Cycle event in 2018, and also participated in

OCBC Cycle’s virtual rides in 2020. This year, he completed the 100km Virtual Ride across

3 sessions, in a combined time of 4 hrs and 15 mins.

“Without the format, I would not have been able to participate in the event this year.”

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