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Cigna Healthcare HYROX Singapore Sets Record for Highest Number of Participants in Singapore Debut

Around 2,000 spectators were treated to a unique experience of roaming the grounds and watching the action from up-close, as 3,500 fitness enthusiasts debuted at HYROX Singapore


Singapore, 7 October 2023 – Over 3,500 fitness enthusiasts filled the iconic National Stadium at the Singapore Sports Hub on Saturday (7 Oct) for the inaugural Cigna Healthcare | HYROX Singapore, drawing the fitness racing event to a successful conclusion.

The Singapore edition of the popular global franchise, which was also HYROX’s South-east Asian debut, saw tickets being snapped up quickly with over 70 per cent sold in the first two weeks before selling out in September.

This latest addition to the global HYROX event calendar has also clinched the record of having the highest number of participants attending an inaugural HYROX event in a new host city.

William Petty, HYROX Singapore Country Manager, said: “We are thrilled by the incredible turnout at Cigna Healthcare | HYROX Singapore, which reflects the unwavering spirit and dedication of our racers. I am very proud that this race has been the highest selling first time event HYROX has had globally. It has been a testament to the strength of the fitness community in Singapore. We are very excited for what next year has to hold for HYROX in Singapore.”

Launched in Germany with just 650 participants in 2017, HYROX has since expanded its footprint to 17 countries with over 120,000 participants per year. It combines both running & functional workout stations, where participants run 1km and do 1 functional workout station. This is then repeated eight times.

The eight stations are the SkiErg, Sled Push, Sled Pull, Burpee Broad Jumps, Rowing, Farmers Carry, Sandbag Lunges and Wall Balls. The stations are meant to boost functional fitness, making participants stronger as they perform daily activities more easily while living healthier and fitter lives.


In Singapore, the National Stadium saw non-stop action as participants worked up a sweat in their respective categories while fuelled by cheers from their friends and family amid an electrifying atmosphere. Around 2,000 spectators were treated to a unique experience of roaming the grounds and watching the action from up-close.

Participant Sharon Wong, who finished 36th in the Women’s Open category, said: “I really enjoyed myself. It is definitely a test of endurance and strength. I like the concept and the ability to test my limits in a safe and well-managed environment.”

The winners of each category are as follows:

Singles Pro

Men - Gabe Heck

Women - Dr. Alice Schürer

Singles Open

Men - Karim Hegazy

Women - Maire Mc Ginley


Men - Ian Deeth, Tony Van Eck

Women - Sarah Cole, Kelly Newton

Mixed - Ande Mcdonald, Andy Nicholson

Cigna Healthcare | HYROX Singapore was well-supported by a range of partners who helped ensure the success of the event, including Official Title Partner – global health services company Cigna Healthcare Singapore, Sport Singapore and the Singapore Sports Hub.


Raymond Ng, CEO & Country Manager, Cigna Healthcare Singapore & Australia, said: “It was a great pleasure to experience and be part of the successful inaugural HYROX event in Singapore. To see so many participants from different backgrounds, including Cigna Healthcare employees, coming together to embrace the importance of physical activity and personal wellness is both inspiring and heartening. This event may have concluded, but we hope this is the beginning of a collective journey towards great health and vitality. Congratulations to everyone who competed this year and we look forward to seeing you next year!”

Roy Teo, Chief of Industry Development, Technology & Innovation Group, Sport Singapore commented: “The enthusiastic response at the inaugural edition of Cigna Healthcare | HYROX Singapore signals a growing interest for fitness events within the local community. The event welcomed more than 3,500 participants to the National Stadium, along with their supporters, and the energy within the venue was electrifying. Sport Singapore looks forward to supporting a wider spectrum of sport and fitness events that will cater to the varying interests within our local sporting fraternity.”

Yazed Osman, Group Head, Events & Placemaking, Kallang Alive Sport Management, shared: “The Singapore Sports Hub is a natural gathering space for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts. Add to this our focus on providing greater accessibility to our facilities and a wider choice of sport events – Hyrox is a natural fit. The participation from the fitness community in this year’s race is a healthy indicator of market interest and we are looking forward to organising and hosting more of such fitness and sport events at the Singapore Sports Hub.”

Popular fitness franchise Body Fit Training (BFT) also supported the event as HYROX’s Official Training Centre and helped participants in Singapore prepare for the race. Other partners of the Cigna Healthcare | HYROX Singapore include Red Bull, the Official Energy Drink; Happy Way, the Official Nutrition and Supplements Partner; Pressio, the Official & Exclusive Sportswear & Apparel Partner; 100PLUS, the Official Hydration & Recovery Partner; and ThriveX, the Official Recovery & Wellness Partner.

The next HYROX race in the Asia Pacific region takes place In Hong Kong on the 25 & 26 Nov.


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