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Choosing the Right Sports Bra for Your Workout - Sports Bras for Running

From medium to high support sports bras, we take a look at the latest range of sports bras from lululemon, and which best suit your workout needs


For women who workout regularly, choosing the right sports bra is an important decision to make as having the wrong kind of support could lead to a painful experience, discomfort during exercise, and even possibly sagging in the long run.

While there are different kinds of sports bras on the market, it is important to note that just as there isn't a one-size-fit-all running shoe, there also isn't a one-size-fit-all sports bra for all training needs.


Knowing your workout and type of training will go a long way in helping you to identify the type of sports bra you need to support your training routine.

So how can sports bras better support your boobs when you workout or head out for your runs? We find out in this episode of The Better Show with Dawn Sim (@thatmomoffour), lululemon ambassador and yogi, cross-trainer, in this episode of The Better Show with Cheryl Tay (@cheryltaysg).

We explore the range of sports bras from lululemon here, which are good from yoga to pilates, HIIT workouts and running, generally known for exquisite comfort, both in terms of support and its soft texture.

For smaller cup sizes, you may wish to consider the lululemon Invigorate bra or lululemon Energy bra.

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lululemon Invigorate Bra

While offering medium support and is more recommended for medium impact activities, the lululemon Invigorate bra can really be used for all activities if your cup size is on the smaller side - including activities like yoga and muay Thai.

Key Features: Race back and mesh fabric, offering great ventilation to provide a nice cool feeling and not trap unnecessary heat.

lululemon Energy Bra Long Line

The lululemon Energy Bra is a versatile all rounder bra, which means you can wear it out for various activities - from yoga to pilates, all the way to running and even HIIT classes, as it provides medium support.

It provides a slightly tighter fit, suitable for Asian size or smaller cup sizes, offering good support even on your runs so you do not have to worry about things jiggling around.

The Long Line version of the lululemon Energy Bra can also double up as a crop top, you just have to wear a jacket when it gets cold.

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If you are a woman of fuller chest, you may wish to consider the lululemon All Powered Up Bra, the luluemon Enlite bra or the lululemon AirSupport bra.

lululemon All Powered Up Bra

Offering medium support for cup sizes from A to E, the lululemon All Powered Up Bra provides moulded cups as compared to the Invigorate and Energy Bras, which are removable cups.

Adjustable straps at the back means you get a better fit, while the soft brushed underband provides greater comfort than the average sports bra that causes tightness and itchiness during exercise.