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5 Gifts to get for a Fitness Fanatic this Christmas

Looking for ideas on gifts to get your loved one or friend who is a gym lover, runner or into fitness? We might have just the thing!


Festivities are in full swing this December with Christmas just around the corner. Be it a Secret Santa event at work or a gift exchange between loved ones, this is the season of gift shopping. And yes, this means treating yourself for a year well done too!

For this gift guide, we have compiled the top 5 products perfect for the fitness junkies and fans in your life.


Wireless Earbuds

The sheer convenience of having a pair of wireless earbuds is unparalleled. No more tangled wires while performing strenuous exercises or going through the pain of untangling each time before use. Simply put on a pair of these lightweight earbuds and experience the breeze and music when performing physical activity.

While AirPods and Samsung Galaxy Buds are top contenders in the market, there are many other brands that’s specifically catered for workouts too. From Jabra, Jaybird to Sennheiser, select the model that best fits your recipient’s exercise regime.


Protein Bars

Your recipient will appreciate this gift, especially if they are always tight on time between schedules each day or on a strict diet. These portable snacks now come in a wide variety of flavours, including chocolate and berries, and they are nutritional without the high calories punch.

Protein bars are comparable to protein shakes and they do help to promote weight loss as well. For fitness buffs who frequent the gym after work, protein bars can be a meal replacement or a post-workout treat without having to feel guilty. Check out brands such as Barebells for their interesting flavours, Truwomen for their vegan bars, and RXBar for gluten-free choices.


Smart Watches

Smart watches are great for fitness tracking which explains its rising popularity among athletes. Aside from the basic function of date and time, smart watches have built-in programs to help with fitness goals. These devices can log progress on each exercise session and optimise post-workout recovery by tracking activity level.

Smart watches are also a safety device. The in-built heart rate tracker can help to identify health issues, such as irregular heartbeat, and monitors the wearer’s sleeping habits. From there, the data gathered is used to improve the wearer’s physical conditions by providing suggestions. Fitbit, Garmin, and Polar are some of the top brands in the market along with Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch.


Massage Gun

Massage gun uses percussion or vibration massage therapy that helps in improving blood and lymphatic circulation. Gym buffs will definitely appreciate this gift as every fitness routine includes cooling down and recovery. After an intense workout, muscle soreness will definitely kick in. The massage gun then helps to relieve pain and improve recovery by targeting and relaxing the trigger points.

The massage gun can also be used for warming up to reduce chances of injury while increasing the range of motion. Other usages include supplementing rehabilitation, as with increased blood circulation, muscle recovery is accelerated too. From Xiaomi, Hydragun to Myo Master, it is important to get a good massage gun to achieve the results intended.


Water Bottle

A water bottle is an underrated yet highly essential product for both workouts and everyday life. Save the planet and say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles with the wide variety of reusable bottles in the market.

Insulated water bottles are on a rise in popularity. These double-walled bottles keep water cold or warm according to preferences. This makes the insulated bottles particularly useful during different weathers and for different types of activities.

While Singapore’s water is clean, filtered water bottles are practical for gym buffs who travel frequently and are mostly outdoors. These convenient water bottles have an in-built filter to purify water thus ensuring the water is safe for drinking.

Infuser water bottles are trending among the health conscious. This bottle is perfect for those looking to add fruits into their water for extra nutrition and a better taste. Lastly, get a cycling water bottle for the cycling enthusiasts. A faithful companion on the road, these bottles are ergonomic for easy retrieval and secure enough to prevent falling off while pedalling.

Explore brands such as the classic Nalgene and Camelbak to Hydro Flask and Zojirushi, these reusable water bottles make for a thoughtful gift this Christmas.

*This article is not intended to endorse any of the aforementioned brands and is only intended for use as a general gift guide.

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