Get inspired by some of the best Singapore Sports podcasts hosted by former athletes.
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Hosted by former professional footballer and coach Shasi Kumar, the SilverFox Hustle podcast
features hustlers in every sense of the word.

Hustle beats talent when talent doesn't hustle. It showcases positive attitudes, great work ethics and consistent quality work.

In line with SPORT+'s values of inspiring the community, The Silverfox Hustle is a vehicle that inspires, motivates and shares positive stories through extraordinary guests. 
A self-proclaimed 35 year-old teenager with a passion for sharing and educating, former Team Singapore Rugby Athlete Sidney Kumar makes a unique host combining humour with entertainment. 

Specific areas of interests for this podcast include sports, education, self-improvement, leadership, comedy and whatever floats the listener's boat.

Create Don't Hate podcast will bring laughs, tears and motivational stories to tide you through difficult moments. 
Hosted by former National Water Polo athlete Alex Loh, "Lost at 40" is a podcast designed for men in their 40s, who are breadwinners, and having family to support and elders to care for.

The podcast looks to break the social norm of what society expects of a man in his 40s, and helps men reconnect with themselves as unique individuals with heart and a duty of care.

Key conversations focus on health, caregiving / parenting, career, retirement and revolve around the pillars of leadership, resilience and sustainability.