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Top 10 U19 Girls of ActiveSG Cup 2022 Basketball 3x3 writers recount the female stars of the ActiveSG Cup 2022 Basketball 3x3 tournament, amidst a sea of talented players

Eyes on the prize for the mercurial Lim En Tong, who hails from SG Basketball Lions Club. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

Having completed the difficult selection among the boys talent pool, we next turn our eyes to the top 10 girls from the U19 category of the ActiveSG Cup Basketball 3x3 tournament.

Those who were physically present to witness the competition would know full well there was no love lost between teams, and the physicality in many a match is testament to that. Here we attempt to separate the wheat from the chaff, and identify 10 outstanding performers from the hundreds of warriors who did battle.

Disclaimer: There are likely outstanding players beyond the 10 listed, as writers weren't physically present for the full duration of each match day. Here are our top 10 female performers for the Girls U19 basketball 3x3 tournament in no particular order.

10. Quek Jing Qian, Huskies Pink

Jing Qian is a real leader among women. Technically strong, her presence brings an X factor to the Huskies Pink team. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

We begin with Quek Jing Qian of Huskies Pink, a true all-rounder and leader. Her team may not have made it to the finals at Our Tampines Hub, but that's not down to her fault as she always plays with her heart on her sleeve. Equally adept at dribbling with both left and right, Jing Qian is also incredibly reliable from the free throw line.

9. Mayuri, SBA Girls

Mayuri's strong stature and lengthy frame has been the bane of many opposition attackers at the ActiveSG Cup Basketball 3x3 tournament. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

Many basketball playing girls over the past month ran into a wall for the first time in their lives. The wall's name is Mayuri.

Tall, strong and intimidating, SBA Girls' Mayuri isn't just a defensive rock who makes lives difficult for the opposition. Her good reading of the game also allows her to make many crucial interceptions to save her team's blushes.

8. Lekkar Lim, Team Bricks

Lekkar Lim keeping focused on the basket ahead of her shot from the free throw line. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

Hailing from another team that did not qualify for the Finals, Lekkar Lim of Team Bricks often uses her frame to her advantage. Regularly seen outmuscling her opponents in most 50-50 challenges, she is incredibly quick as well, reaching the ball in what are often seen by most as lost causes. A key player for her team.

7. Lily Drierer, Proform Black

Proform Black's Lily Drierer proving that size does matter, or at least height does. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

Arguably the tallest girl in the entire basketball 3x3 tournament, Lily Drierer makes up for an apparent lack of speed with incredible tenacity in her play. Who needs to be the fastest when you're blessed with arms and legs that take you just a split second to get you there?

The queen of both offensive and defensive rebounds on court, Lily also ranks highly for blocks, steals and assists for her team Proform Black.

6. Shaniah Lacsado, SG Basketball Lions

Shaniah getting ready to sink another shot in the Super League 3rd and 4th place playoff match at Our Tampines Hub. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

If shooting is your game, then Shaniah is the name. A sharp 3 point shooter, Shaniah Lacsado hails from SGBasketball Lions and is pretty much capable of scoring from anywhere on court. Using her teammates Jessie Nar and Lim En Tong as a foil, she also knows when to set her teammates up for an easy basket and has demonstrated great intelligence in her play.

5. Kayla, SBA Girls

We have all lost count on the number of points Kayla has racked up over the course of the tournament. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

Sporting sports eyewear that give her a distinct look, Kayla has perfect vision whenever she steps on court. The sharp shooter of SBA Girls has no qualms whatsoever in taking on opponents twice her size in a one-on-one.

Even then, when she isn't busy sinking basket after basket from distance; she'll team up effectively with Mayuri as her screen to create space for others to sink those easy baskets.

4. Reah Serrano, Team Bricks

Reah's incredible persistence and determination makes her a danger for any team who aren't mentally focused in any game. PHOTO: KIN Productions

Throwing her body across the floor to make an important steal and pass to a teammate, Reah then proceeded to finish off the move she started in a match against Proform Black at ActiveSG Clementi Sport Centre.

The moment encapsulates all that you need to know about Reah's mindset. A a fierce competitor on court who takes no prisoners, she does not know a lost cause when she sees one, and that alone has been the difference in key matches for Team Bricks during the tournament.

3. Engie Low, JEDZ

Engie Low (right) on her way to the basket for JEDZ in the final of the Girls U19 Super League tournament. PHOTO: KIN Productions

She may have a smaller stature compared to some of the other players, but physical size has never deterred Engie.

Weaving between even the most steadfast of defenders, Engie constantly finds opportunities to drive in for a sneaky lay-up, often catching her opponents off guard. A star performer in JEDZ run to the Final of the Super League.

2. Lim En Tong, SG Basketball Lions

En Tong looking towards a teammate for support in the 3rd and 4th Playoff at Our Tampines Hub. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

Never afraid to shun a physical challenge in spite of her size, Lim En Tong is the heartbeat of her SG Basketball Lions side. Possessing strong technical skills, Lim also demonstrates impressive tactical acuity and maturity for her tender years.

You will never see her ball watching or standing in the same spot twice, always getting ready to set up a teammate or going for those 3 pointers she is fast becoming known for.

1. Mindy Peck, Friends 1

Not just friends? There is nothing friendly about Mindy Peck's missiles from range. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

It is difficult to single out just one out of Friends 1's championship winning team for praise, but Mindy Peck personifies her team's ethic perfectly. Her 10 years of experience playing basketball has undoubtedly allowed her to hone her shooting and on-court awareness.

Though she emphasises the value of teamwork in her team securing the win in the U19 Girls Super League finals, her sharp instincts on court mean she places herself at the right place at the right time to score, making her an invaluable asset to the team.

About Basketball 3x3, ActiveSG Cup 2022

The ActiveSG Cup 2022 is a basketball tournament for youths 15-19 years-old. The Central and East Zones are organised by KIN Productions, with a centralised venue playing host to the qualifiers in each zone.

ActiveSG Clementi Sport Centre is the centralised venue for the Central Zone and ActiveSG Pasir Ris Sport Centre is the official venue for the East Zone.

The top two teams from each zone will qualify for the Super League, while the teams that rank third and fourth will qualify for the Prime League, with these taking place on 18 and 19 March, before a Grand Final to finish off the ActiveSG Cup action at Our Tampines Hub on 20 March.

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