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Proform Gold Edge Seafood to Win U19 Boys Super League Title at Our Tampines Hub: ActiveSG Cup 2022

U19 Boys put up a stunning fight alongside teams from the U19 Girls, and U16 categories in the Finals of the ActiveSG Cup 2022 Basketball 3x3 tournament

Proform Gold made history by becoming the first champions of the ActiveSG Cup Basketball 3x3 tournament. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

Singapore, 21 March 2022 — Proform Gold displayed a gold standard of basketball to beat Seafood 16-15 and claim first place in the U19 Boys Super League on the final day of the ActiveSG Cup 2022 Basketball 3x3 competition (20 Mar).

The easing of Covid-19 safe management measures came just in time to allow members of the public to witness the final showdown held at the Our Tampines Hub atrium, generating an electric atmosphere.

However, the match was far from easy for the players as they had to deal with the pressure of performing on such a public stage while facing stiff competition.

The ActiveSG Cup 2022 Basketball 3x3 Finals at Our Tampines Hub witnessed the top 4 teams from each of the Boys and Girls U16 and U19 Prime League and Super League categories. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

Rajata Hakim, Proform Gold, said, “This is probably the biggest stage we’ve all ever been on, so just to get to do what we love on such a big level, it feels really good.”

The match itself was akin to a talent show, with both teams putting up an incredible display of their skills and seamless teamwork.

Though Proform Gold took the early lead and managed to maintain it for the whole match, Seafood were never far behind—even managing to level the points at 13-all halfway through the proceedings.

Proform Black took the Girls U16 Super League title. They faced the stiff challenge of fellow West Zone side Ice Mountain. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

Reflecting on the match, Teo Yung Juen from Seafood said, “We didn’t have any training prior to this competition, so we were sort of unprepared for what we faced today. But on the other hand, our team fought hard and we gave it our all during the matches. But in the end the better team won.”

Acknowledging Seafood, Rajata said, “They are the best opponent we’ve had so far, so that makes it special for us because we beat a tough opponent and it feels good.”

With full confidence in their abilities to win, both teams showed remarkable commitment to the cause throughout the last few weeks of competition, always persevering despite facing obstacles such as contracting Covid-19, dealing with injuries and other commitments.

The ActiveSG Cup 2022 Basketball 3x3 reached its climax in its Finals at Our Tampines Hub on Sun, 20 March 2022. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

“Players actually took time off, including one of my teammates who is currently serving in the army,” said Yung Juen.

On behalf of Proform Gold, Soren Jensen said, “It just speaks of how we’ve just come together—when one person’s out, everyone else steps up and carries through.”

Team 828 clinched the U16 Boys Super League title. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS

In the U16 Boys Super League Finals, Team 828 beat Team AC 20-17. Speaking to Sportplus after the match, Lorcan Hyndman from Team 828 said, “We feel pretty good. This was our end goal, for us to do this, yeah we’re very happy with it.”

Proform Black beat Ice Mountain 14-10 in what was a nerve-wracking match, to win the U16 Girls Super League. “Some of us were super super nervous, but it was all worth it in the end,” said Emily Lim, from Proform Black.

The U19 Girls Super League title was taken by Friends 1 as they beat JEDZ 15-5. Mindy Peck from Friends 1 said, “I think my team has done pretty well, we played together, really helping each other.”

The Girls U19 Super League Final saw Friends sweep aside JEDS 15-5 to be crowned as first time champions. PHOTO: KIN PRODUCTIONS