3 Bodyweight Exercises without Equipment for your Workouts

Work out in the comfort of your own home with these equipment-free exercises taught by HAUS Athletics Trainer Samson Lau

HAUS Athletics trainer Samson Lau presents 3 easy exercises with no equipment needed.


Squeezing a workout into your daily routine can be pretty challenging for the busy working adult, particularly if you imagine a good workout to require very specific sets of equipment to perform certain exercises.

That doesn't always have to be true however, and if you’re looking for exercises that can be carried out just about anywhere, without having to look for tools and equipment to enhance your workout, this episode is made just for you.

No equipment? No problem. Check out these exercises with no equipment needed, brought to you by HAUS Athletics trainer, Samson Lau.

Exercise 1: Push-ups with Shoulder Taps

Get into a push-up position with your palms positioned slightly outside of the width of your shoulders.

Samson Lau demonstrates the starting stance of a Push-up with Shoulder Taps. PHOTO: SPORTPLUS.SG

Get down to a push-up and lift up one hand to tap your opposite shoulder. Repeat the exercise again, this time lifting up the alternate hand to tap on the other shoulder.

Samson Lau performing a shoulder tap. PHOTO: SPORTPLUS.SG

Assisted / Regression : Bring your knees to the ground

If you find a regular push-up too challenging to execute or have yet to build up on your upper body strength, consider a regression or the assisted version of the exercise with your knees on the ground.

Samson demonstrating the assisted version of the "Push-ups with Shoulder Tap".


Exercise 2: Surfer Squats

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Come down to a squat position before exploding upwards into a jump, turning your entire body 180 degrees to the opposite side and landing back down into a squat position.

Samson Lau demonstrates the starting stance of a "Surfer Squat". PHOTO: SPORTPLUS.SG

Samson demonstrating a "Surfer Squat". PHOTO: SPORTPLUS.SG

Assisted Version / Regression :

Instead of jumping, use your leg to pivot and step to face the opposite side. Similar to the original version, start and end off in a squat position.

Pro Tip: Keep your chest up, position your heels firmly on the ground, brace your core, and land softly.

Exercise 3: Monster Burpee

The Monster Burpee is a cardio movement and an advanced version of the regular burpee.

Unlike the usual burpee, the monster burpee comprises:

  1. A half burpee which ends in a half squat position after you jump into a plank position

  2. A full burpee which ends off with a vertical jump

Samson demonstrating the "Monster Burpee". PHOTO: SPORTPLUS.SG

Assisted / Regression:

Instead of jumping out into a plank position from a half squat position, you can step out into a plank position.

Samson demonstrating the assisted version of a "Monster Burpee". PHOTO: SPORTPLUS.SG

Pro Tip: Stay low on your heels, keep your chest up at the base, tighten your core, and land softly.

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